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What to look for in Kitchen Cabinets

There are many things that you look for when you're thinking of redoing your kitchen. The first one that people normally think of is the door style and color. Which that is a great start, however there is something far more important.....

WHAT IS IT??? Most people do not even know, and from experience, they're shocked when I tell them and show them!


Something might look beautiful on the outside, but are straight paper inside... What?? YES!! Big retail store sell inexpensive cabinets because they are made "inexpensively". How does this affect the buyer/ you? Well, you will be spending a couple thousands of dollars on product that will go bad way before you are expecting to replace it. Because these cabinets are made out of paper (particle board) once they get wet, they are no longer good. If you want to change the countertop in a couple of years. Once the current countertop is lifted, the paper cabinets will tear in certain areas. These are just examples of why you should select a cabinet based on construction and not solely on the look.

You will probably spend a little more by using all plywood or hardwood construction, but believe me, your pockets will thank you in the long run! By purchasing a better construction cabinet, you're assuring yourself longevity and quality for your remodeling. Personally, I would rather spend $100 on an item that will last me 10+ years, then spend $75 on something that I will have to replace within 5 years.... The math just doesn't add up.

If you have other questions pertaining to Kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Remodeling or Designing your Kitchen or Bathroom, send me an email and let's discuss....

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